Q: What does a graphic designer do? What is Graphic Design?  
  • Graphic Design is the art of visual communication. This simply means we ultimatley strive to build designs that communicate to your audience. The goal of course is to convince them to buy, visit, or share your cause or product. We do this first by knowing the audience and that knowledge is brought together with images, fonts, text copy, color and more to create logos, websites, tradeshow design and more. 

Q: What kind of graphic design services do you provide? 
  • You name it we do it for the most part….check the SERVICES PAGE for more information.

Q: I have a really small project...can you help me?
  • YES….MAD4ART designs jobs big and small.

Q: I need something designed yesterday...can you help me?
  • YES….MAYBE…Depends on the job, time, etc.

Q: Do you provide printing?
  • MAD4ART does not provide printing, however we can provide you with companies that we use regularly for various types of projects.
Q: Why should I choose MAD4ART over some other firm to do my design work?
  • It is understood how difficult it is to find a company that can provide these items all while being truly familiar with the Tactical Environment. MAD4ART® is that company, a veteran owned and operated company that has developed a substantial clientele almost entirely from the Law Enforcement, Military, and Government Industries.... about 95% of all MAD4ART® business is from this group.
  • MAD4ART® is known as the Most Sought-After Name in Tactical Graphic Design. Vast experience in this field allow for the needs of your company to be met in quick order. Industry Leading Image Branding, Marketing Strategy, Advertising Campaigns, Trade Show Exhibits, Logo Design, Business Card Design, Catalog/Magazine Design and Layout and more are available.

Q: Why should people consider hiring a professional graphic designer?
  • You get what you pay for usually in life….professional design may come from a design firm or a freelancer. Talent, experience, professionalism, and a knowledge of the audience of a client is paramount.

Q: How do I get started on my next project?
  • EASY AS 1-2-3! Clients are guided thru each project so don’t worry! Step one is requesting a quote and getting the conversation started.

Q: How does the design process work? 
  • The PROCESS is simple…..We talk it over first…then a sample design is sent via email…..from there we see where we are at…each step is approved before going to the next level.

Q: How long before I see my first designs? 
  • It depends on the schedule, jobs however can be moved up to accommodate a clients need for a RUSH job.

Q: How many changes can I have done to my logo design? 
  • We talk logo projects out first... so hopefully the logo sample you receive will be what you wanted first shot out of the box…but obviously this is not always the case. If you do like the logo and want to move forward with changes then we continue until it’s polished (within reason of course). If you DO NOT like the first draft then we talk again and try to fine tune the idea. We can repeat this process a few times.. SATISFACTION is our goal!

Q: What if I am not satisfied with my final product? 
  • That can happen…however... the whole point of talking these projects out with a client and going thru a STEP APPROVAL process hopefully makes sure you get what you want. 

Q: What if I change my mind in the middle of a job? 
  • A clients prerogative….we talk it over and make the necessary course corrections.

Q: What if I don't like my logo? 
  • That can happen…however... the whole point of talking these projects out with a client and going thru a STEP APPROVAL process hopefully makes sure you get what you want. 

Q: What if I decide to cancel a design job?
  • A clients prerogative….we talk it over and make the necessary course corrections.

Q: How will I receive my project once it is finished?
  • All industry standard formats are followed when delivering final files. 
  • For Logos…you receive a ZIP file (many file types included)
  • For Web….We design and build (fhe final files are uploaded to your server)
  • For Print….PRINT READY files are provided to you (and can be sent to the printer of your choice)

Q: What are your prices?
  • A proper quote is sent to all who request pricing. Group discounts and payment plans are available. Price negotiations are also welcome.  

Q:  Are there any separate, extra, or hidden, charges?
  • NO

Q:  Do I need to send a deposit for the work?
  • YES

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
  • YES

Q: I have many items to produce, can we arrange for a monthly retainer fee for you to create everything for us?
  • YES

Q: What is your hourly rate?
  • Projects are charged per job not by hr this way you always know what something will cost.

Q: What are Bitmap files? 
  • Bitmap files are basically an image so it has a set optimal resolution…if the image is resized/enlarged, the image may show a distortion. Common bitmap file formats include GIF, JPEG, TIFF and BMP.

Q: What are Pantone colors? 
  • Pantone / Pantone Matching System or PMS colors are a color matching system. This system exists to make sure a designer can match the colors to the design and this leads to consistency of color across your branding. 

Q: What is a scalable vector file? 
  • Vector files are files that you can resize, scale, and even change colors or fonts without losing any quality or resolution on your image. Common vector file formats include EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), AI (Adobe Illustrator) and CDR (CorelDRAW).

Q: What is a CMS and how can it benefit me?
  • (CMS) Content Management System is a website that allows the customer to manage their own content instead of having to rely on a designer to make frequent updates. 

Q: What is the difference between a high resolution and low resolution image?
  • Resolution refers to the size, sharpness and clarity of an image. This can vary from 72dpi to 1200dpi or higher…you at some point in time will be asked for a “HIGH REZ” image from someone….these days with digital technology…cameras and phones take “HIGH REZ” images if used correctly. 

Q: I have an idea that I would like to protect, does MAD4ART sign non-disclosure agreements?
  • YES

Q: Who owns the rights to the final design?
  • MAD4ART does not hold any rights to FINISHED WORK.
  • MAD4ART DOES retain rights to the proprietary process in creating the FINISHED WORK however and these files are usually not provided to the client.
  • MAD4ART reserves the right to use ANY DESIGNS to promote MAD4ART on the web, in advertisements and brochures etc. 

The MAD4ART® name IS the standard for Excellence in Tactical Graphic Design. MAD4ART® has been providing HIGH IMPACT Designs to all corners of the Tactical community and beyond for over a decade!

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